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Muscle Tone

Try these sessions for improving your muscle tone:


They will suit any fitness level and use our studio equipment to meet your needs. 

Pilates: use bodyweight exercises plus bands to build core strength and tone the whole core area including the back and the butt. 

Fitball: use the exercise balls to challenge core, back, butt, thighs, and more in a fun session with a large focus on getting stronger and toning the body.  Find fitball workouts in our Pilates Extended Groups or Personal Training

Personal Training: individual programs to suit each person and their goals. We can work towards traditional weight training principles or with modern ideas on functional movement, Pilates, weight training and myofascial release for an all-over body balancing workout. 

Pilates Extended: the main focus of these groups is working on resistance training, improving core strength and control with Pilates type movements, bursts of cardio training with steps or boxing and myofascial releases and stretches where required.

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