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Timetable Term One, 2020

Monday's at Rainbow Beach Community Hall

8.45-10am  Pilates Mat Plus (Pilates, Myofascial Release, Functional Movement)

10.15-11.15am Senior's Exercise Class (Pilates, functional movement, strength and balance exercises)

Monday's at our Private Studio, Rainbow Beach

1pm Pilates Extended Small Group Session

Thursday's at our Private Pilates Studio,

Rainbow Beach

9am & 11am Pilates Extended Group Sessions

12-2pm  Personal Training

5pm Pilates Extended Small Group Sessions

Personal Training and Rehabilitation appointments available on request.


Welcome to Cooloola Coast Pilates & Personal Training.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent quality fitness services to the Cooloola Coast in a format to suit most people and their goals. 


We are located in Rainbow Beach. 


We believe that everybody can improve

their health and life with physical activity

that is right for each person.  All people are

different and we base our exercise

prescription on high quality physical

assessments, in-depth client history, and

clinical studies supporting our methods. 

We're here for you!

We can help you reduce pain, improve physical strength and mobility, and guide you to activities to achieve your goals and fitness.

Please browse our website, see what we do and feel free to give us a call or email or facebook message anytime.

Take a look at our downloadable brochure for in-depth information and a one stop place for our classes and how to join.


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Pilates Classes - Rainbow Beach Community Hall, Monday's 8.45-10am

Our Pilates Mat Plus Class includes our best kept secrets ;).  Myofascial release, Pilates, and Functional Movement Training combine to cover all aspects of improving mobility, gaining strength and creating good movement.  Pilates Mat Plus takes a thorough, all over, all direction Pilates session and adds little extras each week which extend or challenge or change the session.  Goals are moving better, becoming stronger, gaining health and confidence through movement.

Think all the benefits of Pilates on the mat with the new science and patterns of functional movement training.  This class will take your Pilates off the mat and into life.  We recommend this class for every-body.

Senior's Exercise Class - Rainbow Beach Community Hall, Monday's 10.15-11.15am

Our Senior's Exercise Class is aimed at seniors and those with movement restrictions which make exercising challenging.  We aim to increase mobility, strength and balance components of physicality.  Sessions are low-moderate intensity and will generally run for 45-60minutes.  We hope to gain confidence and ability through physical fitness improvements.

Pilates Extended Group & Personal Training - Private Studio, Rainbow Beach

Monday's & Thursday's

*Equipment based Pilates - reformer, stability chair, fitness circle, resistance bands, fitball, foam roller, balance equipment

* Resistance Training - use of weights or bands to put the body under challenge to increase strength

* Myofascial Release work - use of small tools to release trigger points completed by you

* Functional Movement Training- take yourself out of the studio and into life with these essential movement patterns adapted from FMTC's 'NeuroHAB' program

*Equipment based Pilates - challenges and changes the movement and allows for resistance and balance components to be added to the workout

* Resistance Training - increases strength of muscles groups and the body as a whole

* Myofascial Release work - conditions the muscles by helping to organise the muscle fibres and reduce trigger point activity

* Functional Movement Training-teaches daily movements that are crucial to reducing pain but also to moving correctly

Functional Movement

We want you to get back to living ASAP!  We don't want to keep you as a rehab client, we want you to become a fitness client and will help you get there with tools and teachings that equip you for the journey.  You'll do the work, but we're here for you.

How we help you to move from rehab to fitness:

We base our rehab programs on latest research functional movement training programs from a prominent Queensland based Neurosurgeon.  We teach you how to move as a lot of pain and issues arise from poor movement patterns.

We add in a few touches from our other skill sets (Pilates, assessment, myofascial release) to ensure you're getting all the components you need.

Functional Movement Training is teaching you to move throughout day to day movements using your body and joints correctly.  FMT is the missing link in back rehabilitation and is necessary for every person to learn, even those without pain or problems.  FMT forms the basis of all movement and allows for progress of skills and resistance.  We recommend all our clients complete FMT training with us.

Choose a class that is specifically for functional movement training, or join a course that is run each term.

Book into our Pilates Extended Classes to learn the basics of FMT.

Book some personal training sessions to go through the skills of functional movement training.