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Class formats

Our sessions are back to personalised and class formats in Rainbow Beach.  We are of course happy to offer phone/online advice and coaching if requested.

We can work through individualised programming online/over the phone if you'd like help to get started or to deal with any physical issues, nutrition advice, maintaining your fitness and even obtaining exercise equipment.

Current Class Timetable:

Monday's at Rainbow Beach Community Hall

8.45-10am Pilates Mat Class with trigger point release and functional movement training

10.15-11.30am Salty Dogs Surf Rehab Sessions

Our surf rehab program takes care of common surf related issues keeping older surfers out of the water.  It's a session that will improve mobility and strength and get surfing back on track.

Tuesday's at our Private Studio

30min Reformer Sessions

Wednesday's at Rainbow Beach Health and Fitness Gym

11am Group Personal Training

Thursday's at Rainbow Beach Health and Fitness Gym

7am Fitball and more

8.45-9.45am Back rehab and NeuroHab Program- all levels, get in touch.

9.45-10.15 Group PT after neuroHab 

Personal Pilates Training and Personal NeuroHab Program, Wellness Coaching by appointment, Tuesday's - Friday's in Rainbow Beach.  Utilize Pilates studio equipment and functional training tailored to your needs and goals.


Physical Classes & Personal Training
New Session!
Salty Dogs surf rehab program
getting older surfers back in the water!
Click the image for full details
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Welcome to Cooloola Coast Pilates & Personal Training.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent quality fitness services to the Cooloola Coast in a format to suit most people and their goals. 

We are also available for Wellness Coaching sessions to help you attain your best version of wellness.


We are located in Rainbow Beach,

Queensland, Australia,

but now can help you anywhere in the world

via zoom/messenger/skype!


We believe that everybody can improve

their health and life with physical activity

that is right for each person.  All people are

different and we base our exercise

prescription on high quality physical

assessments, in-depth client history, and

clinical studies supporting our methods. 

We're here for you!

We can help you reduce pain, improve physical strength and mobility, and guide you to activities to achieve your goals and fitness.

Please browse our website, see what we do and feel free to give us a call or email or facebook message anytime.

Let's talk about neuroHab and the Form and Function classes.

neuroHab is a functional movement training program which changes the way your central nervous system (CNS) runs your body's movement to new correct functional patterns.

We use neuroHab to treat the disease of LOWER BACK PAIN. When we look at LBP as a disease we often then ask the question: What causes the disease of Lower Back Pain?

Simple answer: DYSFUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS are the start of Lower Back Pain. However you might be saying, 'No, it's my disc herniation that causes LBP'. However, what was the mechanism that caused your disc to herniate? The answer to that is usually movement dysfunction.

So, when we treat the movement dysfunction we eliminate the arsonist that's been lighting fires. Treating movement dysfunction takes some work. And you're the person who has to do the work. I can coach you through that work, make sure your movement patterns are correct, keep you on task, and help you through. But unlike having manual therapy done (ie, massage etc), you're going to be working. And it will take you some time. Generally the neuroHab program is 16 sessions optimally twice per week, supervised. Plus daily homework. But think of this - how long did it take you to create dysfunctional patters which injured your structure? Likely it took some years. The big issue is we get into an ever worsening cycle of MD, injury, movement compensation, more movement dysfunction, more injury, more compensation.

So if you haven't yet completed the neuroHab program and you'd like to have a go and change that movement dysfunction and treat the cause of LBP then give me a call; Sarah 0432690194 or an email

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Sarah Booth - Fitness Australia Level 2 Registered Exercise Professional

Cert IV Clinical Pilates Instructor

Cert IV Allied Health Assistant

Cert IV Fitness - Personal Training

NeuroHAB certified Functional Movement Coach

Certificate in Nutrition - specialising in nutrition for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Level 2 Wellness Coach

ViPR Certified Coach

We are proud to announce that we are able to provide hypnotherapy, NLP, success coaching and more through our new business, LP Therapies.  Dean Marshall is now an AHA registered hypnotherapist and uses his studies in psychology and modern psychology to help clients optimize all parts of their lives from motivation to emotional health and knowledge.

We highly recommend undertaking a few sessions with Dean to help you become motivated and assist compliance to your physical and nutritional goals.  See and learn more at the LP Therapies website - click the picture to the right to get to the website or go to !

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Take the time to set up a program and plan for your fitness.  Good health requires effort and knowledge.  Lets work together to get your plan in place to take care of cardio-vascular health, muscle health and nutritional health.  We can do this online/phone and will provide you with a workable home program.


Personal & Duo PT sessions available by appointment.  Let us help you improve your physicality and help you on your way to a healthier, happier life.

We suggest the assessment and programming sessions to set up your health & fitness program.

All sessions are now available online/phone and in person

Training Options

Health & Fitness Assessment with home program - online/phone appointment

We want to help you to help yourself.  So lets start at the start and we will help you plan, start and maintain an exercise program, and if you'd like we can look at nutrition too!

An assessment allows us to recognise where you're at, what you need to be doing and lets us start a plan.  We need to identify what you currently do with your exercise and nutrition practices and where you can make improvements.

Our goal is to help you help yourself.  Use our knowledge to make a plan, but your own work and motivation is what will get you results.  A little help initially can let you make progress well.

Tools we use to help you achieve goals:

Cardiovascular Exercise Programming:  we will work through options that will work for you and set up the program.

Pilates Exercises - online, personal training, Pilates Mat Class

We've been teaching the Pilates method for eighteen years and have found the best exercises for improving the weak links and mobilising the restricted areas of your body.  We can teach you a great routine for your own personal use.

A good Pilates Mat class takes a thorough, all over, all direction approach to keeping your body functioning well.

Goals for Pilates can be to move better, become stronger, gain health and confidence through movement.

We recommend this class for every-body.

Myofascial Release - online, Pilates Mat Class, Seniors Exercise Class, Personal Training

Myofascial Release is where we work to treat and condition the muscles.  Also known as trigger point therapy, and commonly used in massage therapy (you know when the therapist pushes into those sore spots and holds til they release - well you can treat your own trigger points).

We teach you how to do your own treatments.  It's this knowledge and ability to treat your body when and where you need that changes the situation.  Can't get range in a squat? Lets figure out the restriction.  Can't get your arm to directly overhead position?  Let's treat the chest and shoulder area.

It's almost like cheating! We can get your body moving better and less pain by treating these trigger points to improve muscular function and allow the body to realign.

There's just a few small tools you'll need to complete these exercises.

Functional Movement - online, Pilates Mat Class, Personal Training, neuroHab course/class

We want you to get back to living ASAP!  We don't want to keep you as a rehab client, we want you to become a fitness client and will help you get there with tools and teachings that equip you for the journey.  You'll do the work, but we're here for you.

How we help you to move from rehab to fitness:

We base our rehab programs on latest research functional movement training programs from a prominent Queensland based Neurosurgeon.  We teach you how to move as a lot of pain and issues arise from poor movement patterns.

We add in a few touches from our other skill sets (Pilates, assessment, myofascial release) to ensure you're getting all the components you need.

Functional Movement Training is teaching you to move throughout day to day movements using your body and joints correctly.  FMT is the missing link in back rehabilitation and is necessary for every person to learn, even those without pain or problems.  FMT forms the basis of all movement and allows for progress of skills and resistance.  We recommend all our clients complete FMT training with us.

Book a session that is specifically for functional movement training.

Book some personal training sessions to go through the skills of functional movement training.

Exercise Equipment 

We can help you to source the equipment you need to successfully work out at home.  Some small inexpensive pieces will give you lots of options and help your program.

We can hire some of it to you if you're in our local drop-off areas (Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove, Tin Can Bay, Gympie).  Start with the Assessment session to determine your program.  Then we will help you to acquire sensible, smart options for home exercise.


*neuroHab back pain rehabilitation
*Restore Movement Patterns

*form & function



*Keep what you have

* Create more

* Maintain & build strength


*Functional Movement


*Stabilize the give

*Mobilize the restrictions

*Learn to move

*Not Just 'abs'
*Balance core muscle groups
*Create function


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