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Silly Season Fitness Tips

Hi everybody, welcome to the last month of the year! Don’t forget in the middle of all the festivities to look after your health and fitness and not let all your hard work this year go to waste. Here’s some super easy tips you can apply to keep it all going.

1. Plan to do your workouts early in the day before your visitors or cooking or other chores start requiring your attention and before the day gets hot.

2. Keep your eating under control and try not to increase the amount you are eating over the Christmas period.

3. Plan to serve healthy meals for Christmas and special occasions so it is easy to eat healthily during this time.

4. If you are on holidays try to get more activity into your days by choosing active pursuits for recreation, fun and leisure. Include the family in these activities too so everyone benefits. How about a leisurely bike ride or walk along the foreshore from park to park to marina? Or try kayaking or stand up paddle boarding at high tide. Or even take a walk through the water along the shoreline at high tide towing the kids on a boogie board or inflatable toy. They will love looking in the water at fish and small creature and you’ll be working really hard against the resistance of the water as you wade through.

5. Head to the pool for aqua aerobics or some lap swimming to keep cool and still work on your fitness. Take the family and you can all enjoy the benefits of water play and fitness.

6. Check out YouTube for loads of fitness videos you can complete at home anytime of the day or night.

7. When looking for exercise try ensuring you get a mix of cardiovascular exercise, strength training exercises, and yoga or pilates or stretching to keep you limber and moving well.

8. Also ensure you are drinking plenty of water in the hot weather. When you are drinking alcohol which is a substance which makes your body excrete water (as does tea), or exercising heavily, you must ensure you’re replacing your fluids with water. Coconut water is also really good for replacing lost electrolytes.

9. When you’re at a party or gathering and drinking try adding a glass of water or sparkling water or soda water or any drink which is non-alcoholic and sugar free between each glass of alcohol. You will keep your hydration levels high and manage to space those drinks out so you don’t become so intoxicated so quickly.

10. Take some time to consider your health and fitness this year and rate how you went. Did you lose any weight? Did you become fitter and healthier? Did you complete any fitness goals you had set yourself? What are you looking for next year? Do you need to lose some weight for your health? When it comes time for New Years Resolutions be ready with your goals for the next year and know your plan. Don’t wait until February or March to get them started. Start now!


Sarah Booth

Cooloola Coast Pilates & Personal Training

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