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Let's talk about neuroHab and the Form and Function classes. neuroHab is a functional movement training program which changes the way your central nervous system (CNS) runs your body's movement to new correct functional patterns.

We use neuroHab to treat the disease of LOWER BACK PAIN. When we look at LBP as a disease we often then ask the question: What causes the disease of Lower Back Pain? Simple answer: DYSFUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS are the start of Lower Back Pain. However you might be saying, 'No, it's my disc herniation that causes LBP'. However, what was the mechanism that caused your disc to herniate? The answer to that is usually movement dysfunction.

So, when we treat the movement dysfunction we eliminate the arsonist that's been lighting fires. Treating movement dysfunction takes some work. And you're the person who has to do the work. I can coach you through that work, make sure your movement patterns are correct, keep you on task, and help you through. But unlike having manual therapy done (ie, massage etc), you're going to be working. And it will take you some time.

Generally the neuroHab program is 16 sessions optimally twice per week, supervised. Plus daily homework. But think of this - how long did it take you to create dysfunctional patters which injured your structure? Likely it took some years. The big issue is we get into an ever worsening cycle of MD, injury, movement compensation, more movement dysfunction, more injury, more compensation.

So if you haven't yet completed the neuroHab program and you'd like to have a go and change that movement dysfunction and treat the cause of LBP then give me a call; Sarah 0432690194 or an email

Also check out neuroHab at the Functional Movement Training Centre Home | Functional Movement Training Centre | FMTC


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