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2019 Classes update

Hi All,

Our classes have been in full swing since February now and we have many clients who have started their fitness improvement journey with us. I just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate everyone who is working hard on creating new healthy habits and to explain our current timetable and how to get the most out of our sessions.

Monday classes are now located at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall, Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach. There is lots of parking available on street or in the carpark at the back of the centre. The community hall will be a wonderful space for our classes with lots of room, a beautiful floor space and an open and breezy feel.

We start our Monday morning workouts at 8.45am with a myofascial release session where we work through treating tight muscles and trigger points as assessed on the day (each participant is checked and guided). Alternatively we coach the class through a release routine.

At 9.15am we move into the Pilates class. We have 50 minutes to work through a Pilates mat workout which focuses on good alignment, the five basic modern Pilates principles (which guide alignment and technique), and a focus on an all-over balanced workout. By balance we are looking to move your body in many different planes of motion, but also to strengthen throughout the anterior (front), posterior (back), lateral (sides) and medial (inside) muscles and muscle/fascia slings.

Then at 10.05am we jump into functional movement training (FMT). FMT is important work as it allows us to take our Pilates skills off the mat and into every day movement patterns which most people have corrupted due to pain, excess sitting or other issues. So our FMT session gives us the time and space to work these skills into new movement patterns and progress them into fitness based exercises.

We welcome everyone to our Monday morning class series and offer you to bring a friend for free during June to celebrate our move into the Rainbow Beach Community Hall.

Offer terms: for 1 paying person, 1 person extra can participate in the class for free. Offer is valid during June 2019 and is limited to 1 per person. New clients only.

To book a place please call Sarah on 0432 690 194 (or text).

BYO mat if you have one. Otherwise please book a mat. Please bring towels and water bottle.

Thursday's are our Pilates Extended days. We run Pilates in our Studio at Rainbow Shores. The sessions are called Pilates Extended as we take Pilates exercises and principles and move those into working with the Pilates reformer, stability chair, fitballs, weights, fitness circle and the functional movement training skills. Pilates Extended can be for improving fitness, working through niggly issues in the body, rehabilitating shoulders, backs, knees and more. We begin these sessions with an assessment which guides the workout and exercise selection. Each client does the work they need with our Trainer teaching the skills and giving the client the tools to improve their health.

These lessons are capped to just three clients per class and must be booked.

Times are Thursday's at 9,10,11am and 4 and 5pm.

To make a booking for Pilates Extended call Sarah to discuss your goals and needs on 0432690194.

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