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Timetable explained a little bit 2023, term 2

**** NEW CLASSES/SESSIONS **** New sessions starting from 1st May 2023 Monday's 8.45am Pilates matclass & 10.15am Salty Dogs Surf Rehab Tuesday's 30min Reformer Sessions NEW Wednesday's 11am Group Personal Training NEW Thursday's 7am Fitball and More, 8.45am neuroHab/Form&Function & 9.45am Group PT after neuroHab NEW

Adding to our timetable this term are some new offerings. The main goal of the additions is to facilitate strength training. Strength training is a great way to improve your physicality, increase your muscle mass and to maintain/improve bone density. The addition of these sessions will help our clients to move ahead even further on their health and fitness journey.

For more information please call Sarah on 0432 690 194


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